Balneotherapeutic expert assessment confirms that the water from our fountain (+58 ° C) helps to prevent and treat stomach problems , liver disease , gall bladder and kidneys , problems with bones and joints ( chronic inflammatory diseases, consequences of dislocations, fractures, rheumatism ) , inflammation of the nerve endings , bronchitis, asthma , rhinitis, skin diseases , etc . Water helps in recovery from injuries and prevents the formation of stones.

Our thermal water relieves inflammation , clears the body of toxins and heavy metals makes the skin soft and healthy , and hair – thick and soft as koprina.Solite contained in our mineral water are extremely good for health. Hydrocarbonates maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the body and hydro and sodium ions normalize gastric secretion .

Chlorides promote gastric secretion and increase the acidity of gastric juice.   Sulphate and magnesium ions slightly irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and cause mild laxative effect. They are also useful to normalize the function of the cardiovascular system. Calcium ions and fluoride are essential for strong teeth and bones . Metasilitsieva acid favorably affects the digestive system and promotes removal of toxins .