Banya is known for its natural hot springs , hence the name. The first settlements in the Razlog Valley, the site of the village of Banya and Bansko ( 2 km away ) occurred as early as the late Roman Empire. Roman colonists brought to this end the culture of hydrotherapy and built on locals first springs baths . In the village of Banya you can see completely renovated bathrooms , one of them built by the ancient Romans , and the second – the ancient Turks. During the Renaissance in these places passed important trade routes , here come across goods and interesting objects from around the world.

This region has long been a possession of the Ottoman Empire , which had its mark on the Slavic and Orthodox traditions of Bulgarians. The result is a spicy mix of cultures , unique , rich flavors cuisine , exquisite fine arts , vibrant folk traditions and inherent to all peoples living here hospitality.